Our Values

To earn your trust, we value competence and character above all else.

Competence: We hold our consultants to uphold the following values and working philosophy.

  • Understanding - Understanding the nature of  issues at hand and the surrounding environment to find proper evidences underlying the issues
  • Vision - Find possible scenarios and potential impact each outcome will have on the business; and, design strategies to achieve for best options
  • Prudent - Determine factors that could affect the outcome and design initiatives to prevent undesirable outcome and  promote desirable outcome

Character: People with "Character", exhibit PIAM, an acronym of the Thai word, "เปี่ยม", which means full or abundant.

  • Passion - Be passionate in what we are doing or are about to do.
  • Integrity - Make and keep commitments.
  • Abundant Mentality - Think positive: How can I? Forget about using the words, "If only"
  • Maturity - Ability to express one's own feelings and opinions whilst taking into consideration those of others.