Understanding: We seek first to understand the pertinent factors relating to your business

  • Your current strategic direction
  • The current state of your business: growing or matured
  • Your core competencies
  • Criteria for optimal resource allocation
  • Your return on investment
  • Current industry trends

Vision: Identifying potential scenarios and the impact their outcome will have on your business

  • Identifying valuable lessons from your industry and others
  • Looking to the Future Operating Platform of your industry
  • Crafting alternative visions to understand different strategic options
  • Running sensitivity analysis based on different scenarios, to anticipate potential alternative outcomes
  • Selecting an optimal strategy for your company based on financial impact and ease of implementation

Prudence: Providing guidance and wisdom through the execution phase setting you up for success

  • Developing implementation plans to achieve the vision by ensuring all components are in place for successful execution
  • Providing recommendations around how gaps are identified and addressed during execution
  • Ensuring that the new strategy and execution plans are socialized within your organization to ensure stakeholder buy-in
  • Requiring ethical decision making so that you can rest easy each night, knowing your execution plan is well-planned and socially responsible