The Urgent Case for a Global Mindset


As the world gets more connected and multiple cultures come together to execute across the globe, the way we think and do things continues to evolve. Best practice is contextual and co-created.

The key to success in this so-called Asian century is to move beyond the mind-sets that have been built over time. Whilst often not spoken about, the shadow of colonialism and post-colonialism still have a major impact on the thinking of people from both East and West. These mindsets and pre-conceived views can limit the success of individuals and organisations as they look to prosper in a world with far less boundaries than at any previous time in human history.

In this paper, Rangsan Thammaneewong and Dr Yvonne Sum discuss the need now for a global mind-set that boldly transcends culture; one that takes the best of both East and West and combines them with a higher understanding of our meaningful values to allow business, organisations, countries and individuals to flourish in this brave new world of the 21st century.

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